Shaun’s skin & beard regime

Men's beauty products

Disclaimer: All these products have gone through months of testing. FACT. (not that the other ones on this blog don’t but man this was some heavy duty usage!)

When it comes to men’s beauty, it’s not all about aftershave or cologne anymore. It’s much more complicated – and exciting! – than that. And Shaun likes his lotions & potions – it’s a thin line between becoming a bit too much into those pots of cream and the usual manly standard but I think he’s nailed it. Here are a few of his favourite picks (all girlfriend approved too!).

Baldwin Facial Moisturising Cream ($25, Baldwin – more info here, via Amazon – buy here)
The holy grail of all men’s moisturisers. I can’t even tell you how amazing this is (& I’m not even the one using it!). Shaun’s happy with this as it moisturisers really well, even after shaving. I’m extremely happy with this because it smells like heaven. It honestly beats any perfume I’ve ever smelled! The scent is really manly with a pinch of peppery and some woody notes. If it was in the drugstore I reckon they’d call it the ’sophisticated sporty man’. And for today’s fact of the day: it’s made in Israel!

Beckham Homme EDT (£26.50 £8.99, Fragrance Direct – buy here)
Celebrity fragrances rarely excite me but this one smells (almost) as good as the moisturiser from Baldwin’s. And I mean – who can resist a bit of Becks, right? The notes in this EDT (it’s now on sale on Fragrance Direct – how is it even this cheap??) are mainly cashmere wood (I’d say wood but hey cashmere’s always a good idea), leather and rosemary. It does indeed smell very manly but with a touch of lightness from the herbal notes.

The Great British Grooming Company products (£4.99-£8.99, Superdrug – buy here)
The mighty beard routine. I feel like beard products are still a little underestimated in the eyes of general public. Just to make it clear: all hipsters have beards, but not all beards have hipsters. And just look into your shower – how many hair products do you have, woman? And how many hair styling products is there? Jesus! Let the man have his beard routine, okay? The Great British Grooming Company has a pretty decent selection – Shaun’s favourite is the Beard Wash – kinda like a shampoo for le beard.

Botanics Men’s Eye Roll-On (£7.29, Boots – buy here)
A really handy roll-on which gives you an immediate refreshing boost. Shaun likes to use this on the days when he’s a bit more tired (who was up until 2am last night watching boxing, ehm?). I can see that Boot’s rebranded this as anti-ageing and discontinued the original one that Shaun has – would be intriguing to see what the difference is but either way I assume the effect will be very similar as it’s mainly about the little metal roll-on ball delivering the main cooling effect.

Does your boyfriend/husband have a beauty routine?

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