The day we got a banjo, a ukulele & a piano

The day we got a banjo, a ukulele & a piano

If the post title doesn’t give it away that our household is ever so slightly bonkers than I don’t know what will. And it’s just the two of us. And Cookie. And Pippin. And a couple of fish (but we sometimes like to pretend they don’t exist because they are as much fun as the cabbage in the garden in all honesty). Unfortunately (or luckily!) none of the pets have opposable thumbs so won’t play a bleep on either of the instruments – a little like me. I have never ever in my life touched a musical instrument (doesn’t this remind you of the story of my yoga beginnings? read it here). That is until I woke up that one autumn morning & boldly proclaimed that I’m getting a piano.

That very same morning (I suspect that was the very first sign of an early onset of mid-life crisis) was filled with a lot of fierce determination, Google searches & eBay bidding. Four days later (you didn’t see that coming did ya?) two men carried a hundred year old Hickie & Hickie upright piano into our living room. After my piano evening number one I can play you a very out of tune (because who’s got the money to tune a piano they got off eBay, right? Tuning costs a fortune!) Rolling in the Deep – and, I reassure you, that is just the very beginning of my side-career as a pianist.

Have I mentioned that whilst waiting (im)patiently for the piano to arrive we popped into our local music shop to pick up some piano music sheets & walked out with a banjo & a ukulele? I’m telling ya – a mid-life crisis; a textbook example.

And here we are – a 20/30-something couple with 2 very naughty cats, 4 boring-to-death fish, a 100 year old piano, an extremely loud banjo & a ukulele that won’t stay in tune for more than half a song. Our cold winter evenings have already been filled with the prospective joy of music, cat scratches & paw-kneaded biscuits and very angry neighbours who will get just as little sleep as we will!

Have you ever made a life-changing yet very spontaneous purchase?
Can you play any of these instruments?
If so, please do share your favourite teacher recommendations & learning resources in the comments below,
I’ll be forever grateful!

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