Recreate the Pin: Eclectic Bohemian

Recreate the Pin: Bold & Bright Bohemian

Bohemian style is something my heart clings to like to nothing else. It makes my tummy goes all funny – full of butterflies – when I see a breathtaking Bohemian interior. It definitely excites me more than clean cut Scandinavian spaces or homes with sharp & crisp modern edges. I’m all for those apothecary scales and fern leaves in old beer bottles. That’s why today’s Recreate the Pin is in the name of an eclectic Bohemian. A traveller with a wild heart but cosy soul, the one that collects things & gathers them at home like a squirrel collecting nuts before winter.

The key to an eclectic balance is finding a few high quality base pieces. This living room is based around warm brown shade when it comes to the fundamentals – that kind of colour that makes you feel warm & fuzzy on the inside. They will most likely be your investment pieces – those that will last even if you switch up your style a few years (or even months) later. The large sofa I’ve picked is from West Elm but you can find very similar ones in other places, for example in IKEA.

If you prefer creating to collecting then DIY might be the thing for you here. Kristine from the Painted Hive has created this absolutely gobsmacking vintage map cabinet (see it here) from just an old chest of drawers she picked up for a tenner. You can totally do the same with the vintage wardrobe too!

Now the life of this living room is in colour. Most of these items you can find on Esprit – I know, right? I used to shop in Esprit when I was much younger, back in the Czech Republic. Their T-shirts were all there rage in the 2000s! Their new home range is really impressive though – I would even say that some pieces are very Anthropologie-esque but a little more affordable!

Foraged & Found
Finally – this one’s for the secret hoarder in you. Everything from vintage typewriters to beautiful first edition books & art deco lamps. You can go as wild as your heart desires! You could even find one of your base pieces in a pre-loved shop – they sometimes have the most beautiful leather sofas from the 1960s!

Pin link: here

Do you like this Bohemian interior design with a pop of colour?
Which pin would you like me to recreate next?

Recreate the Pin: Eclectic Bohemian
📌 DIY map cabinet (here📌 Esprit cushions (here📌 Esprit wallpaper (here📌 silver lamp with red cord (here) 📌 alphabet prints (here) 📌 vintage typewriter (here) 📌 belly planters – white (here), black (here), with pom moms (here) 📌 vintage wardrobe (here)📌 leather rocking chair (here📌 white block candles (here) 📌 white table with red legs (here) 📌 Esprit rainbow blanket (here) 📌leather sofa (here📌 floral rug (here) 📌

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How to stop wasting time window shopping online

How to stop wasting time online window shopping

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we are spending waaaaay too much time browsing online shops.  Especially as a blogger (who spends 25 hours a day online) I can relate to the whole I-just-spent-3-hours-on-Asos panic. When you’re on the internets EVERYTHING is just a click away. And that is bloody dangerous – not just for your wallet but also for the increased risk of procrastination by circa 635%. It was about time someone tackled this – ladies & gentlemen, please meet Shoptagr (click here to explore on your own or carry on reading).

Shoptagr is a new tool that can help not just those avid online shoppers out there – it can also be a massive help to bloggers. It’s a free service that allows you to save & track your waiting-for-the-pay-day wishlist items (right down to size & colour).

Not only that you don’t have to sign up to all those individual websites (and receive 42861 newsletters) to keep a wishlist on hand (ideal for bloggers who regularly post wishlist posts) but it also allows you to tag the very same item off different websites to compare the price and track when the price drops or becomes restocked! To give you a real life example – I once saw Sammy from Samantha Maria post about this gorgeous floral jumpsuit from Missguided. Of course, it was so popular that it flew off the online shelf within minutes. In my despair I set out on a mission – I will wait it out & snatch it up once restocked. Well. It was restocked at least 3 times and every single time I was too bloody late. Where was Shoptagr when I needed it, damn!

Another great blogger use for this free tool is to track items you’re featuring on the blog. It’s incredibly important to keep track of broken links (which can also occur when items go out of stock or are removed from the website). Next Saturday I will show you how to find all these broken links and how to repair them before they start affecting your SEO, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Shoptagr tool is ever so simple to use – you just add a button to your browser (in a similar fashion you’d add a Pinterest or Polyvore button, see steps 1-6 below) and you can tag away! You can use the tool either on your desktop or download the app (you add the button exactly the same way as you did on the desktop version) and then you either tag items directly from your favourite websites or you can browse the list of 500+ recommended shops (including Aliexpress, Asos, Anthropologie, H&M and Zara). And if you’re a neat geek then you can arrange your items into lists – ya know, for Christmas shopping, birthdays or pay-day-treats-for-yourself.. or to watch your Black Friday finds go on sale!

Have you used Shoptagr before?
Don’t forget to check back in for next week’s Blog Cheat Sheet Saturday as I will be showing you how to tackle broken links (and how this little tool could help you with it!)

How to stop wasting time online window shoppingHow to stop wasting time online window shopping
How to stop wasting time online window shopping

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Fashion is Freedom

Fashion is Freedom book review

How a girl from Tehran broke the rules to change her world.

That is the tagline of Fashion is Freedom by Tala Raassi. I rarely review individual books anymore but with all the turbulence in the world today this one deserves a standalone mention. It’s going to be a difficult one not to give away everything so I’ll make it short & sweet.

Tala Raassi is an Iranian American fashion designer and now also a book author. Her new book called Fashion is Freedom describes her journey from the very beginning when she was a 16 year old girl at her birthday party wearing a miniskirt. With the strict Iranian culture this was something unheard of and Tala was punished with jail time and forty lashes (this IS a thing – even in this day & time, lashing women for wearing short skirts is a thing). 
The book follows Tala from Iran to the USA where she moved to (sprinted to as she calls it – and who would blame her?!) after her 16th birthday. Tala went on to pursue her dream – fashion was freedom for her (see what I did here?) and she became a successful fashion designer with two clothing lines and a title of ’one of the most fearless women in the world’. 
There’s a lot more to the book and the story of Tala – it’s a story of culture, strength and a power of one woman who decided to do what she wanted to do no matter what the rest of the world thought. And that’s the kind of story we need every day! 
It’s an easy book to read as Tala writes in a very friendly blog kind of tone, but it makes you think well deep about the world we live in. You can get yourself a copy here for just £8.99.
Have you come across Tala’s story before? 

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How to wear a jumpsuit like a blogger

How to wear a jumpsuit like a blogger

I’ve read a lot of magazine articles on how to wear a jumpsuit correctly. Jumpsuits are bloody hard to pull off you know – you only meant to wear them with heels apparently (honestly, I read that!), with a blazer and a chunky belt. Hell no. None of the articles gave me what I wanted to hear. I wanted the simplicity of a blogger’s outfit. Yes, I wanted to hear that I can wear a fancy jumpsuit (that cost me an arm & a half of my leg so I want to get the goddamn wear out of it!) with a pair of white trainers and a cross body camera bag. Thank you blogger world, you are the best!

The ultimate jumpsuit
I find it ever so difficult to find a good fitting jumpsuit (half of the blame lies on my short legs but still). The one I’m wearing above is, believe it or not, from Primark – the fit’s fantastic but the material is a bit pants – it’s really thin so unless it’s a warm sunny day outside (yet it must not be more than 23 degrees because then you start sweating like a beast) it’s rather difficult to leave the house in it. I came across this beautiful black longline jumpsuit on the Coast website (click here) – it’s cinched at the waist which gives an incredibly flattering figure & the back is actually tie up so you can play about with it and create different shapes & patterns. How gorgeous man! And I bet you won’t feel a breeze in it either!

The blogger bag
Now to style up such a gorgeous (traditionally an evening) piece you need a bag that’s more on the casual side of things. A cross body will do. I must have been sleeping under a rock but who knew there’s a YSL Blogger bag (see here)??! It won’t even remotely fit in everything you need but hey – a lipstick & an eyeliner is all a girl can live off for the day, right?

The simple accessories
Keeping the accessories simple means you’re less likely to stray from the casual sporty style. About 90% of the time I pick silver over gold – just because I feel like it is A) more casual and B) suits my skin tone better. Even if you’re to pick gold then I do recommend that you stick with overly simple shapes – a pair of dainty hoops, a classic watch and perhaps a little pendant for good luck. You can find all these on the F.Hinds website (click here) – including the most gorgeous St Christopher pendant I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

The cover up
A blogger would most likely wear a leather jacket from Zara (because those are apparently the leather jackets to live for) but I’m more of a baggy duster coat kinda girl so I’d wear this pinky duster from Coast (click here). It looks so so comfy – it’s asking for the sleeves to be rolled up and to be thrown on over the jumpsuit!

The Stan Smiths
The ultimate pair of white trainers that I’ve been coveting for a good few months – I may have or may have not ordered a pair online as we speak. Just saying.

How do you feel about dressing down evening fashion pieces?
Is it really true that white trainers go with EVERYTHING or is it just a myth?

How to wear a jumpsuit like a blogger

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Soda bread with pesto & olives

Pesto soda bread with pesto & olives recipe

Lately I have been really enjoying my weekend dose of cooking & baking (the Real Housewives of the Black Country coming to your screen soon!). I have posted this recipe originally about two years ago now but thought – you know what, I bake this bloody bread at least once a month so might as well brush off this old recipe & repost it for you to enjoy (with a touch more experience of a seasoned baker – yeah, right – me). Here it is – my ridiculously delicious (yes I’ve said it!) soda bread with pesto & olives.

Originally I found the recipe in my favourite cookbook – it’s called Step-by-Step Cook’s Encyclopedia (bought in it Asda for a fiver almost a year ago – now I can only find it on Amazon here for £23). If you’re a beginner then I can’t recommend this book enough – the recipes in it are fairly simple (you don’t have to go out and buy 5234534 ingredients you otherwise wouldn’t need), they show you every single step in a photograph and although it’s not specifically called a budget recipe book, it’s definitely at least pocket friendly.
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Soda Bread with Pesto & Olives
Especially delicious with homemade butter & a pinch of salt!
  • 250g plain flour
  • 250g strong bread flour
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp pesto of choice
  • 300ml buttermilk
  • 55g pitted olives
  • a dash of olive oil
  • a cup of milk
1. Mix flours, bicarbonate of soda and salt.
2. Mix pesto and buttermilk together and add into the flour mix together with olives. Add water if needed (must be lukewarm, not cold).
3. Shape the dough into a ball and then squash it into a super thick pancake. Make a deep cross cut with a knife across the loaf. Brush with milk & bake in a preheated oven (200ºC) on a baking paper greased with olive oil for 30 minutes.

Prep time: 15 minsCook time: 30 minsTotal time: 45 minsYield: One loaf

Have you tried baking bread before?
If so, what your favourite bread recipe?     

Pesto soda bread with pesto & olives recipe


Baked figs in wine sprinkled with cheddar Sweet & crumply blueberry cake Crispy roasted chickpeas Image Map

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Latest in beauty from Yves Rocher

Latest in beauty from Yves Rocher

Have you missed my borderline regular posts on my love affair with Yves Rocher? I bet you did! And they are back in full force! When we were in the Czech Republic in August I had the chance to peruse a few high street branches of Yves Rocher in Prague – and they were all so bloody pretty, full of beautifully smelling perfumes & potions, lipsticks in shimmering shades and pearlescent nail polish bottles. I’m always so smitten with their products, it makes me wonder why are blogs not yet overflowing with them! Especially with all these new products they’ve added to their range!

Well-being & nutrition
Not many probably know that Yves Rocher also offers a range of well-being products. I’ve tried their tea which was so different from what you get in a supermarket – the teabags come in those adorable silk pyramids & they are a joy to use! They now have a new Rooibos blend (click here), yum! Plus they now also have a candle (see here) in their range – how pretty is that!

Body care products
There are two new collections worthy noting – a bourbon vanilla (click here) & coconut (explore here). Everything vanilla scented I’ve tried from Yves Rocher smelled good enough to eat – from their perfumes to shower gels. And I’m especially tempted by these new shower oils (see here)!

Hair care
I can’t recall whether I’ve ever tried their shampoos but they do have some new intriguing additions in the hair care department – like this Combing cream (buy here) & the Exceptional serum (click here).

Make-up & palettes
The golden packaging of these gets me every time – there’s something very luxurious about products that come in golden tones, isn’t there? The most recent additions to the Yves Rocher range are this Lipstick palette (see here) & a matching Eye shadow palette (admire here).

The new Botanical colour polishes (explore here) look exceptionally intriguing – they promise sparkling nails for the festive season, all that with an extreme shine finish & a new fan brush. Yes please.

Don’t forget – Yves Rocher do the most tremendous sale events! The Black Friday sale this year will have up to 70% off on a selection off 70 products so if you’re thinking about placing an order, it might be worth the wait (and you can throw in a few more things whilst waiting!).

Have you tried Yves Rocher yet?
What’s your favourite products?
Latest in beauty from Yves Rocher

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When in Cafe Rouge for the Confit de Canard (& WIN a dinner for two!)

Cafe Rouge Birmingham review

There has been so many new bars and restaurants popping up around Birmingham that sometimes you forget about the staples we already have (& love) in the city. I mean it’s not every day that you want your cocktail covered under a veil of a heavy white fog or your dinner to come in those tiny terracotta dishes smothered in oil. Sometimes you just fancy a roasted duck, a glass of red wine and a belly-bursting amount of cheese. Well, Cafe Rouge’s got your back. And their restaurants are placed rather strategically around the whole Birmingham city centre – in the quaint Brindley Place, in the manic Bullring and in the high end Mailbox. 

French cuisine at your fingertips – and now the leaves have coloured red & yellow Cafe Rouge has revamped the menu to suit the foggy mornings, chilly lunch walks & nights that come too early. The autumn menu features a couple more steaks and hearty options to give you the warm and fuzzy belly feeling we’re all after these days.

From their starters I’d pick the Champignons a L’ail any day. They remind me of those childhood family trips to an abandoned castle somewhere in the middle of the Czech Republic where we spent the whole morning picking mushrooms and then we’d eat them fried on toast until our bellies were so full that we’d just snuggle up in front of the telly with a cuppa and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. Dishes that remind you of your childhood are they best, aren’t they?

I’m a duck obsessive so when I spot it on the menu there’s no going back. Cafe Rouge makes an exquisite Confit de Canard. It’s so ridiculously tender that you question all your previous eating out decisions. I could eat it every day. On the weekdays I’d eat with their orange sauce because it gives it a spicy kick to wake you up and on the weekend I’d dip it in their cherry sauce – it’s oh so sweet and comforting.

You must not forget to try their Selection de Fromages (a cheeseboard if you like). I have found my personal goats cheese favourite through this very cheeseboard. It’s called Rond du Cher & I urge you to specifically request this one kind if goats cheese is your cuppa tea. It’s so buttery and soft and makes you want to smother your face in it.

Oh and have I mentioned the Creme Brûlée? You’d be a fool if you didn’t try it! The gentleman sat at the table next to us shamelessly shouted that this is the BEST brûlée he’s EVER had (and he was only half way through his cup).

Have I swayed you for a spot of French cuisine next week?

If the answer’s YES (or even if it’s a no but you just like when others pay for your dinner) then head over to my Twitter (HERE) to win a dinner for two at one of the Birmingham Cafe Rouge restaurants! 

T&Cs for the giveaway:

🍴The meal for two is up to the value of £60 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers

🍴The prize can be only be redeemed in one of Café Rouge’s three Birmingham restaurants: Brindley Place, The Bullring and The Mailbox
🍴Must be redeemed by Monday, November 28th 2016
🍴Prize will be drawn on Monday, October 31st 2016
🍴If we do not hear from the winner within 24 hours then another prize winner will be chosen at random
🍴The prize is as stated and cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged. There is no cash alternative

Cafe Rouge Birmingham review
Cafe Rouge Birmingham review
Cafe Rouge Birmingham review
Cafe Rouge Birmingham review
Cafe Rouge Birmingham review


The Alchemist Wagamama Chi Kitchen Image Map

Pasta di Piazza The Jekyll & Hyde Revolution Bar Image Map

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Bar+Block Victorian Restaurant Image Map

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